“The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a man’s determination.”


OXYGEN – a simple molecule without which our body and cells cannot function. They need it for restoration, metabolism of nutrients, excretion of waste products. In addition, it helps the body to strengthen its own self-healing abilities.


The chamber has several positive effects. First of all, it reduces swelling and edema through vasoconstriction (contraction of blood vessels), through its antibacterial effect it stimulates leukocytes to destroy bacteria faster and more effectively, improves the action of antibiotics, accelerates the building of collagen in the skin and its integration (slows down skin aging), eliminates bruises and reduces tissue scarring. it strengthens and regulates the immune system, regulates body temperature, and through the treatment of nerve endings, it also reduces pain and the consequences of pain.

The increased flow of oxygen into our bloodstream greatly accelerates recovery time, helps improve general psychophysical well-being, increase energy and physical fitness.

The therapy is safe, simple, painless and non-invasive. The therapy will relax you and make you feel better. With the therapy, we achieve increased blood flow with oxygen, which is crucial in improving health and well-being, improves the appearance of the skin, increases concentration, improves sleep, strengthens the immune system, stimulates the elimination of toxins and regenerates cells.

In the inflatable chamber, you breathe 96% oxygen under pressure (instead of the usual 21%), which is twice as much as atmospheric. With this, we inhale as much as 2x the concentration of oxygen, or 9.5 times more, in the case of breathing ordinary air.

During therapy, you can relax completely, fall asleep, read books, meditate, listen to music or watch your favorite soap operas.


In the case of a combination of PHYSIOTHERAPY and OXYGEN THERAPY, the rehabilitation time of simple injuries can be reduced by as much as 70%.

Increased oxygen levels thus contribute to faster regeneration after exercise to increase overall sports performance.

When do we advise against visiting a hyperbaric oxygen chamber?

“The fundamental cause of all degenerative diseases is a condition called hypoxia, a lack of oxygen at the cellular level”.

Otto Warburg, winner of the Nobel Prize in Medicine (1931)

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