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Are you experiencing pain or difficulty moving? Do you want to improve your physical capacity and reduce your risk of injury? Look no further than the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) method.


FMS is a set of 7 tests that evaluate your joint and trunk mobility, body asymmetries, and motor control of movement. By identifying deficiencies in your basic movement patterns, such as muscle shortening, weakness or poor coordination, FMS helps to discover the cause and location of reduced flexibility, asymmetry, and stability

The FMS method helps to discover the cause and location of reduced flexibility, asymmetry and stability. 

By incorporating appropriate corrective exercises, we can address the identified deficiencies, which can result in a reduction of injury risk, enhanced exercise efficiency, improved work and task performance and an overall sense of well-being in daily life.


FMS is used by leading experts in the field of fitness training for elite athletes, adult recreation, and sports training for children and youth. It’s a consistent and reliable testing method that has been proven to be effective in reducing the risk of injury and improving physical capacity.

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