“The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a man’s determination.”


Sports preparations and training camps in Laško, known for its beer and thermal water, offer the perfect blend of nature and hospitality. With each passing year, a growing number of athletes and sports groups choose Laško for its peaceful environment and professional care that help improve their physical condition.

Laško offers high-quality sports preparations for individuals or teams. These preparations are essential for achieving top results and maintaining physical and mental fitness throughout the competitive season. In addition to high-quality training sessions, optimal conditions for practice, suitable accommodation and meals are crucial for achieving the best possible outcome during intensive preparations.

During your stay at Thermana Laško, you’ll have access to a range of sports facilities in the immediate and wider surroundings for training in various sports disciplines. The hotels are situated on the banks of the Savinja River, surrounded by hills, making them an excellent starting point for conducting part of the sports preparations or trainings in nature. While indoor sports facilities are abundant in the immediate vicinity, with some flexibility, high-quality preparation can be carried out for all sports teams.


Hotel Thermana Park Laško Superior

Hotel Zdravilišče Laško

What hotels have to offer

Thermal center

Sauna center

Spa and wellness center

Fitness center

Thermana&Veda Ayurveda center

Cafes and restaurants

Congress center

Thermal water drinking hall

Thermal pools

Medical center

Health and beauty center

Optimised diet for athletes

Rooms for video analysis

Laundry services for sports jerseys

Massage rooms and massage tables


Excellent jogging

Hiking and cycling trails for outdoor workouts

Prevention and rehabilitation of sports injuries


Air conditioning decoration interior of room

Air- conditioning

Sports infrastructure

Tri Lilije Sport Hall (Laško)

Sport hall, distance: 500 m

Zlatorog Sport Hall (Celje)

Sport hall, distance: 13 km

Golovec Sport Hall (Celje)

Sport hall, distance: 12 km

Football Stadium Zdežele (Celje)

Football Stadium, distance: 13km

Football Stadium Skalna Klet (Celje)

Football Stadium, distance: 10 km

Football Stadium Olimp (Celje)

Football Stadium, distance: 10 km

Penzion Park and Tennis Club Marija Gradec (Laško)

Tennis Court, distance: 100m oz. 2 km

Tennis Club Celje

Tennis Court, distance: 12 km

Tennis Courts Kladivar (Celje)

Tennis Court, distance: 12 km

Atheletic Stadium (Celje)

Athletic Stadium, distance: 12 km

Ice Rink at the City Park (Celje)

distance: 10 km

Bowling Alley

Bowling Alley (Celje)

Outdoor Recreation Swimming Pool at the Hotel Thermana Park Laško

Covered Bathing Area Holovec (Celje)

distance: 11 km

Open Bathing Area (Celje)

distance: 12 km

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