“The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a man’s determination.”


Achieve your fitness goals with the guidance of our expert coaches right from the comfort of your own home.



Consultations, measurements and independent implementation of trainings, rehabilitation according to a carefully prepared program.


Training or rehabilitation plan for the entire period of implementation of the package, which also includes suggestions of combining different activities.

A personalized program

A program that is adapted to your wishes, needs and possible obstacles.

Diet diary and counseling

Tell us your wishes and we will make you a menu regarding you fitness goals. You can get daily recepies with descriptions and pictures.

Picture or video material of the exercises

A number of online exercises are available, which can be performed according to the plan or as an addition to the training.


Manuals, tips and recipes are available as an aid to a healthy lifestyle.

Whether you're a beginner looking to kickstart your fitness journey or an experienced athlete aiming
to reach new heights, our personalized training programs and comprehensive support will help you get there.

Why choose SmartSport?

Programs adapted to the individual according to wishes and physical fitness.

Today, online programs are accessible to every user, and they are designed in such a way that they are adapted to a wider group of people. The new SmartSport application, unlike modern sports programs, is made in such a way that the training sessions are adapted to each individual.


Internet application accessible to all users (IOS; ANDROID)


Various programs for weight loss, weight gain, conditioning, rehabilitation…
Does your back hurt while doing the bridge? Not a fan of push-ups? No problem – write to our trainers and all problems will be removed from your training program. Training sessions are carefully put together by our physiotherapists and kinesiologists based on your wishes, goals and availability.


Trainings with video or image content from our trainers


Suitable for beginners, recreational players, professional athletes.
The programs include programs for beginners, recreational players, elite athletes and rehabilitation after injuries. It contains a wide range of gymnastic exercises designed for warming up, relaxation, self-massage, stretching and strengthening. You decide for yourself when to exercise, how often and how to take an active rest. The program reminds you to keep track of your progress, and at the same time you can communicate with your chosen coach or therapist via chat at any time.


Possibility of direct communication with trainers/therapists


Personalized menus with image content.
In addition to exercise, you also get a personalized menu that includes 5 meals a day. In cooperation with our nutritionists, we put together a menu for you that takes into account your allergies, removes food that you don’t like and ensures that there is no excessive intake of calories in the body during the day.

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